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Radioactivity measurement Laboratory

The Radioactivity Measurement Laboratory (RML) is accredited by Taiwan Accreditation foundation (TAF) based on Chinese Accreditation (CNLA) system (Accreditation number : 0739). The main responsibilities of RML are radioactivity tests for radiation protection and radionuclide analysis in related fields.


  1. Gamma-ray spectrometer

    Gamma spectral analysis
  2. Low-background alpha/beta counter

    Low background beta counting
  3. Liquid scintillation counter

    Liquid scintillation counting


  • Radioactivity tests for radiation protection
  • Radioactivity tests of environmental and food samples
  • Radionuclide analysis of radioactive waste samples
  • Radioactivity measurement of naturally occurring and construction materials


  1. Tel:03-5715131 ext 35482
  2. Fax:03-5722660
  3. e-mail:jhchao@mx.nthu.edu.tw