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Personnel dosimetry laboratory

The Personnel Dosimetry Laboratory (PDL) is accredited by Taiwan Accreditation foundation (TAF) based on Chinese Accreditation (CNLA) system (Accreditation number: 0126), and is also accredited by Atomic Energy Council (Nnumber: 007). The main responsibilities of PDL are in vitro radiation dose assessment for school staff in NTHU and related researches. PDL is also commissioned to monitor and assess the in vitro dose of radiation workers in industry, agriculture, medical institutions and academic facilities which using the ionizing radiation sources or radioactive substances.

Category of TAF accreditation (Testing Field)

  1. (I008) Accident, Photons (0.1~5 Gy)
  2. (I009) Protection Level, Photons (0.3~100 mSv)
  3. (I010) Betas (1.5~100 mSv)
  4. (I011) Photon Mixtures (0.6~100 mSv)
  5. (I012) Beta and Photon (2.0~100 mSv)
  6. (I013) Neutron and Photon (1.5~50 mSv)

Services and Applications

  1. Personnel Badge for Beta and Photon radiation
  2. Personnel Badge for Neutron radiation
  3. Reporting monthly
  4. Ring dosimeter
  5. Assessment of effective dose due to in vitro radiation exposure

Main Equipment

  1. Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimetry Readers

    Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimetry Readers
  2. Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Readers

    Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Readers
  3. Personnel Badges

    Personnel Badges
  4. Ring dosimeters

    Ring dosimeters


  1. Tel:+886 3-574-2885 or +886 3-572-7661
  2. Fax:+886 3-571-4110
  3. Address: 101 sec 2, Kuang-Fu rd, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
  4. e-mail:pdlab@my.nthu.edu.tw